0.50"x0.50" Red Calcite and Copper, gallery wrap


Description of Red Calcite

Red Calcite increases energy and is a good detox stone. It clears out old negative energies and restores confidence and inner strength.Red Calcite is a stone that can assist in the managing of negative energy in the body.  Red Calcite is associated with the 4th chakra (Heart Chakra) and is a great stone for balancing and recharging the positive energy within

Other uses for Red Calcite:

  • Draining negative energy from the mind
  • Removing negative energy from the body
  • Recharging heart chakra
  • Spiritual awareness
  • Candle work
  • Understanding
  • Positive mantra recital
  • Clearing negative thoughts and beliefs

Stones come in various shapes, shades and sizes. Stone pictured is a representation of stones available. All crystal charms include a copper plated brass necklace or faux leather rope necklace approx. 18in-30in. depending on the weight and length of the crystal. No chemicals have been used to prevent natural metal tarnish.

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